The Vikings Will Burn in Hell

The slot game Vikings Go To Hell includes these features:

Battles With Demons

The plot of Vikings Go to Hell revolves around the protagonists’ struggle against terrifying demons who appear just outside their front door. When you get a combination of two scatter symbols on the reels, one of your Vikings will face off against a beast. This will happen every time it happens. If you are successful, the devil will transform into a wild symbol, and you will be awarded one additional spin. If the respins bring about two scatters, the trait will activate again, and all of the wilds will remain sticky for the duration of the respins.

A Collection of Rage

The entirety of the conflict requires a great deal of strength, and you will need to fortify yourself in order to prevail against the most powerful foes. For this purpose, the wrath points are awarded: one receives a new one with each spin, as well as one for each demon that is vanquished. At the beginning of the game, each player is given 50 points that are destined for a random Viking. In addition, you can collect anger points from the treasure boxes, which helps to alleviate some of the anxiety associated with the process of accumulating points.

After you have accumulated 300 anger points, it is time for you to…

Free Spins in the Berzerk Bonus Round

The Berzerk Free Spins Round is a variation of seven free spins in which you engage in combat with a powerful demon overlord known as Lucifix. Because you receive two random sticky wilds whenever he is hit, it is straightforwardly possible to beat windfalls out of him. If you are successful in hitting him three times, you will win the round and be awarded a threefold multiplier on all of your wins from that particular game.

Turns at No Cost

In addition to the Berzerk Free Spins round that was described earlier, you can also receive free spins whenever you hit more than three free spin indicators on the reels at the same time. By playing in this manner, you have the chance to win up to 16 free spins in the base game! During the continuous free spin mode, all of the Vikings fight demons at the same time. As a result, you have a great deal of opportunities to earn anger points and to transform creatures into wild symbols.

You will now, correspondingly, have the opportunity to engage in combat with the Lord of Chains, a fearsome monster who possesses three health bars, which are seen on top of the reels. Every one of your Vikings is free to fight one another until they are struck by demons three times. In the event that you have a Viking appear anywhere on the reels, The Lord of Chains will materialize at the conclusion of the round and commence a fight with one of the Vikings.

If the Viking is successful in hitting him, The Lord of Chains will lose one health bar, and the fighter you control will be changed into a wild. The Level 2 Free Spins strategy can be uncovered if this demon is vanquished by removing all three health bars at once. This is the same mode that you obtain if you boost your wrath points to 300; as a result, you will have seven free spins, and you will also get to fight Lucifix at the end of the round.

Safes and Vaults of Wealth

You will only see the sign for the treasure box appear on reel five, and it will either be one of two separate stone tablets or a single one, depending on your luck. If you are fortunate, you will find a chest of treasure along the way.






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